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As a full time professional real estate agent specializing in Seniors, Veterans, Probate, Guardianships,  and Reverse Mortgages, I pride myself on offering superior personal service before, during and after your transaction. Knowledge, commitment, honesty, expertise and professionalism are the cornerstone of my business. Let me earn your trust, your business and most importantly your friendship. Don’t make another move without me. I guarantee you will see the difference quality service makes. I look forward to working with you!

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15 Home Selling Myths Debunked

Selling a home can be a daunting task, often clouded by myths and misconceptions. Let's debunk 15 common home-selling myths to help you navigate the process more confidently:Going with the First

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Breaking the Silence: Why Sharing Dementia Challenges is Vital

In the quiet corners of our lives, there are struggles that often remain unspoken, hidden behind closed doors. One such challenge is dementia, a condition that not only affects individuals but also

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Things to know about moving your elderly parents to another state

When an elderly family member needs to move out of state or closer to family, here are a few things to consider when moving them.  Plan Ahead: Start planning the move well in advance,

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Why choose a Certified Probate Realtor specialist when selling a home in probate?

Choosing a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES) when selling a home in probate offers several advantages:Expertise in Probate Process: Certified Probate Real Estate specialists have both

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